Rye-Made Irish Whiskeys

Rye-Made Irish Whiskeys
Feb 2023

Powers Irish Rye has been unveiled as a first-of-its-kind spirit crafted with a premium formula that's sure to entice avid spirits connoisseurs of all kinds. The spirit is crafted with 100% rye, which deviates from the traditional barley-based recipe that most Irish whiskeys feature to give it a distinction from the competition. The spirit is aged in American oak barrels before being bottled at a 43.2% ABV, and features notes of orange peel, candied ginger, brown sugar, peppermint and vanilla.

The Powers Irish Rye is set to launch on February 20, 2023 at a price point of $32 and could help to shake up the category. The spirit was created after ample testing to ensure the final product prioritizes a high-quality profile.

Image Credit: Powers Whiskey