All-Natural DHT Blocker with Plant-Based Ingredients - Activate Future Hair Growth, Stimulate Hair Follicles to Prevent Hair Loss, and Improve Blood Circulation - Hair Growth Pills for Women and Men, 60 tablets



ALL NATURAL: This plant-based hair supplement contains DHT blocker that helps address and prevent the actual root cause of hair loss. Drug-free ingredient to finasteride. BLOCKS: Our DHT blocker for women and men help to block DHT from binding to 5-AR receptors, prevent shrinking of follicles, activate future hair growth and stop the shortening of the hair growth cycle. HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH SUPPORT: This hair growth supplement contains Saw Palmetto extract along with stinging nettle root which helps in neutralizing free radicals in scalp, and blocking DHT for a faster hair growth. BENEFITS: This DHT blocker may be used as an immune support supplement as it helps boost immunity by improving blood circulation and neutralizing free radicals. NATURAL INGREDIENTS: DHT Blocker contains saw palmetto extract, pygeum bark powder, pumpkin seed oil, stinging nettle root, and green tea extract. They together help to neutralize free radicals, improve blood flow, and increase hair count.


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