Streamlined Commuter eBikes

Streamlined Commuter eBikes
Apr 2023

Envo Drive Systems, a company based in the British Columbia province of Canada that specializes in manufacturing high-quality ebikes and electric mobility solutions, has unveiled its latest and greatest creation in the form of the 'Stax' commuter ebike.
This commuter ebike comes equipped with a 500-watt rear hub motor that is more than capable of generating 44 pounds-feet of torque, while a lithium-ion battery is included and integrated into the seatpost. The battery is said to offer a range of up to 100km on a full charge when on the lowest of five available pedal assist levels.
Available for a price of $2,479, the 'Stax' commuter ebike is well and truly targeted towards people looking for an ebike that maintains the aesthetics of conventional bicycles.
Image Credit: Envo