Virtual Assistant Menopause Apps

Virtual Assistant Menopause Apps
Feb 2023

Health and hygiene company Essity launched a menopause app, called 'Issviva,' that aims to help women tap into evidence-based strategies combined with a supportive motivational philosophy to better cope with menopause.

This menopause app introduces users to a virtual lifestyle coach who helps them develop healthy habits revolving around five key pillars: eating, sleep, movement, stress management and emotion management. Accordingly, the app offers hundreds of strategies as well as the ability to track, tweak and expand on your plans.

The app also makes it easier for women to tap into the Issviva brand's ecosystem of products, which run the gamut from feminine hygiene products to dietary supplements and vitamins. Users can also use Issviva's forums to engage with experts, find a supportive community and share their own experiences and tips to help others navigating the same journey.
Image Credit: Issviva

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